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Our first email sold $4000 worth of hampers

We've always enjoyed a steady stream of business over the Christmas period, but we decided to try to get even better results by sending a few promotions via the email campaigns. Well, weren't we surprised when we sold $4000 worth of Christmas hampers from our very first email!

We were so delighted with this response that we decided to follow up with another email campaign a week later, promoting our last 10 available Christmas hampers at a discounted rate. The result? We sold 20 of them within 24 hours. What's more, even four weeks after the initial email we were still getting enquiries about the promotion. One repeat customer spent $400 with us as a result of that first email. That basket promotion sold out long ago but we can help with alternative products and we honour the discount to keep our customers happy and coming back again and again.

The Bloomtools newsletter has been a revelation for us and the team at Bloomtools have been amazingly helpful, by quickly getting us going and teaching me the ropes.


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