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Fatima Bihya

Bloomtools Montreal

(514) 519-1312
Head Office

Bloomtools Team

Bloomtools Head Office


Stacey Johnson

Bloomtools Calgary

(403) 269-7774
Toronto Bay Street

Steve Bolduc

Bloomtools Toronto Bay Street

(416) 865-0188

Ryan Nisbet and Peter Jukes

Bloomtools Burlington

(905) 333-0607
King Street West

Hank LoBaker

Bloomtools King Street West

(416) 363-5689

Lyse Berthiaume

Bloomtools Ottawa

(613) 238-7421
York Mills

Stephen Dugal

Bloomtools York Mills

(416) 733-9900
Dixon Road

Paolo Leone

Bloomtools Dixon Road

(416) 246-9803
St John

Mike Plourde

Bloomtools St John

(506) 657-7820

Benoit Mercier

Bloomtools Mississauga

(416) 888-3087

Paul Ackermann

Bloomtools Windsor

(519) 792-9083

Sherman Zhou

Bloomtools Vancouver

(604) 783-9755
Durham Region

Chris Downey

Bloomtools Durham Region

(905) 447-0257

Terry Varga

Bloomtools Brampton

(647) 928-5572
Toronto West

Astrid Sucipto

Bloomtools Toronto West

(416) 567-3216
Toronto North

Arfain Syed

Bloomtools Toronto North


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All You Need to Write a Blog

Posted by Boaz Willinger
July 2017
All You Need to Write a Blog
If you're already a Bloomtools customer, then you know that we reallllyyyy love blogs, and the value they serve for your business. It builds...
Posted in: Content Marketing Blogging   0 Comments

15 Canada 150 Campaigns - Best of Emotional Marketing

Posted by Boaz Willinger
June 2017
15 Canada 150 Campaigns - Best of Emotional Marketing
With Canada Day around the corner, we've been taking note of some of the great marketing initiatives and awareness campaigns that are being ...
Posted in: Social Media Video Advertising Customer Engagement Branding   0 Comments

Defining Your Target Audience in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Boaz Willinger
May 2017
Defining Your Target Audience in 5 Easy Steps
When it comes to capturing your target audience, it's interesting to note how some businesses capture more attention and interest than other...
Posted in: Website Performance Customer Engagement Online Marketing   0 Comments
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