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During this time things are going to get tough. Revenues for many of us are going to be challenging. But we have a choice: we can either go through this and just let what is going to happen, happen... or we can do whatever it takes to survive, and come out of this not only as better people, but as better teams and businesses.

Here at Bloomtools we are lucky in that we have access to many resources, alliances, and clients that we can utilize to inspire you, no matter which direction you choose to pursue. There is already enough news going around about how bad this situation is so what we are going to do instead is keep you informed of what other businesses are doing, offer some ideas you could action, direct you to some industry leaders providing advice on how you can pull through this time, and teach you strategies that could make a difference to your business.

Whether your business has had to close its doors, or adjust to working remotely, or if you're even putting things in place to ensure you continue to operate, Bloomtools is here to help you not only get through this, but survive and thrive.

Please let us know if you hear any great business stories we can add to our growing list of inspiration.

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Blog Assessment Time: Is Yours Keeping Up?

Posted by Magali Rousseau on 13 January 2022
Blog Assessment Time: Is Yours Keeping Up?
A weekly or even monthly blog can be a real challenge to keep up. Ensuring that a blog is optimized, posting regularly and competing for the precio...
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Four Easy-To-Spot Signs of Bad Web Design

Posted by Magali Rousseau on 13 December 2021
Four Easy-To-Spot Signs of Bad Web Design
If you’ve designed and built your site yourself (congrats!), it’s been a long process. Chances are your eyes and brain are tired of loo...
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Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes!

Posted by Bloomtools Canada on 8 November 2021
Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes!
The terms “white hat” and “black hat” conjure a fantasy universe where SEO writers battle it out in a winner-take-all fight...
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