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Over 100 Canadian Directories to Help With Your SEO

Posted by Bloomtools Canada on 22 July 2021
Over 100 Canadian Directories to Help With Your SEO

Directories were all the rage in the early days of the world wide web. Once your website was live on the internet all you needed to promote it was to submit it to any of these directories - the more directories you were listed on, the more relevant and important your website was considered by the search engines.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before cheap online marketers took advantage of this and sought backlinks to their websites anywhere and everywhere, spammy or otherwise.

As a result, the Google algorithm changed and evolved and the influence directories had on search results decreased.

While directories no longer hold as much weight as they used to, this doesn't mean you should forget about them completely.

Utilizing other areas of SEO such as content creation and keyword optimization, citations and backlinks from directories can play a part in improving your place in the search results - just don't depend on them at the expense of everything else.

Rather than using directories as a source for easy link juice, think about them more in terms of credibility and trust.

One listing on a directory with a high domain authority is much more valuable than five listings on directories with low authority.

What information should you add to a directory?

You should keep the information you add on to all directories consistent, the information should be the same as to what is on your website - business name, address and phone number. If your listings are inconsistent, you risk losing whatever value the directory would add - if Google sees two different addresses, Google thinks it's two different businesses. Also ensure the URL you submit is your preferred URL (e.g. http or https, www or non-www).

If you're able to add a description, you should write a short introduction for your business that demonstrates what you can do and why customers should come to you. And if you have keywords you're trying to target, try and insert them into this description - but be careful not to come across as forced - remember your listing is for the benefit of actual humans and not just crawlers.

It's also recommended to keep a spreadsheet of all the directories you have submitted to along with the exact details you've listed, the date it was added and any login details required.

Below is the list of the top Canadian Directories 2021

We have compiled a list of recommended business directories ordered by domain authority (DA) which has been calculated by MOZ.

Don't go wild and submit your website to all of them - some will be more relevant to your business and target audience than others.

DirectoryDA Score
maps.apple.com 100
facebook.com 95
bing.com 94
google.ca 93
foursquare.com 92
bbb.org 91
mapquest.com 89
here.com 84
businessdirectory.bell.ca 81
tomtom.com 80
websites.ca 79
bizcommunity.com 76
ca.nextdoor.com 76
justlanded.com 75
yelp.ca 69
yellowpages.ca 67
ca.kompass.com 66
factual.com 62
brownbook.net 59
communitywalk.com 58
infobel.com 58
spoke.com 58
storeboard.com 55
canpages.ca 54
tupalo.com 54
lacartes.com 52
trepup.com 52
411.ca 51
ca.showmelocal.com 50
cybo.com 50
ibegin.com 50
callupcontact.com 49
yellow.place 48
n49.com 47
ca.enrollbusiness.com 46
iglobal.co 46
canadaone.com 45
parkbench.com 45
expressbusinessdirectory.com 45
2findlocal.com 44
whodoyou.com 44
myhuckleberry.com 40
ourbis.ca 39
profilecanada.com 38
hotfrog.ca 37
cylex-canada.ca 30
ca.misterwhat.com 28
fyple.ca 27
canadianplanet.net 22
opendi.ca 21


And here is another list of more directories you can also try out.

  1. www.freeadstime.org
  2. www.findermaster.com
  3. www.wallclassifieds.com
  4. www.advertiseera.com
  5. www.h1ad.com
  6. www.giganticlist.com
  7. www.classifiedsfactor.com
  8. www.rectanglead.com
  9. www.trycanada.com
  10. www.canada-directory.net
  11. www.canadaone.com/business
  12. www.canadianbusinessdirectory.ca
  13. www.canbizfinder.ca/join
  14. www.bowldi.ca/add-your-business
  15. www.cdnpages.ca
  16. www.goldbook.ca
  17. www.phonepages.ca
  18. www.ourbis.ca
  19. www.yalwa.ca
  20. legacy.411.ca
  21. service.opendi.ca/listings
  22. www.fyple.ca
  23. www.ibegin.com/directory/ca/
  24. www.breken.com
  25. www.zipleaf.ca/Add-Your-Business
  26. www.livebusiness.ca
  27. www.localsites.ca
  28. mostbe.ca/post/services
  29. www.vendorland.ca
  30. www.servicebasket.ca
  31. www.fslocal.com
  32. b2b-directory.ca
  33. www.calooks.com
  34. www.businesseye.ca
  35. allcompanies.ca
  36. www.profilecanada.com
  37. canadianorglist.com/add
  38. bizin.ca
  39. canadageo.com
  40. bigwhitelist.com
  41. cdncompanies.com
  42. listercanada.com
  43. canadasmallbiz.com
  44. canadiancompaniesdirectory.com
  45. www.canadapages.com
  46. www.canada-co.com/add-your-company
  47. www.validlaw.org/add-new-company
  48. ukrcanada.com/biz/
  49. www.techhelp.ca/directory/
  50. strictly.ca
  51. canlinks.net
  52. hometowncanada.com
  53. www.shopincanada.com
  54. buyitcanada.com
  55. druze.net/business-directory
  56. www.biztha.com
  57. www.foundlocally.com
  58. www.localstore.ca
  59. vanakkamcanada.ca
  60. www.canadawebdir.com
  61. www.metrodirectory.ca
  62. canadianonlineradionetwork.com
  63. www.contactcanada.com/listing.html
  64. www.indocanadianbusinesspages.com
  65. websites.ca
  66. www.forlocations.ca
  67. www.directoryws.com
  68. www.fivestarscenter.com
  69. nriincanada.com
  70. niagarafallsbusiness.ca/directory/submit
  71. www.elkpoint.ca
  72. www.toronto.com/toronto-directory/
  73. www.kikoja.ca
  74. www.torontomommies.net/business-directory
  75. localtorontobusiness.ca
  76. www.in-toronto.ca
  77. armenianbusinessdirectory.ca
  78. www.libertyvillagebia.com
  79. toronto.prepky.ca
  80. www.canadianchristianbusinessdirectory.com
  81. directory.northernontariobusiness.com
  82. www.deepriver.ca/business-directory
  83. advertisingincanada.com
  84. www.canadawebdirectory.com
  85. www.clickcan.com
  86. www.elocal.ca
  87. yukoncanadadirectory.com
  88. www.businesscatalogue.ca
  89. freedirectory.ca/website_directory
  90. www.lookupcanadian.com
  91. www.jus4funcanada.com
  92. www.cibd.ca
  93. www.onlineshoppers.ca
  94. www.directory4petowners.com
  95. iwebdirectory.ca
  96. findhere.ca
  97. mydotca.ca
  98. www.goodcanada.com
  99. canucklinks.com
  100. www.listingc.com
  101. 1800canada.ca
  102. www.incanada24.ca
  103. www.relevantdirectory.ca
  104. www.canadianculture.com/Canada/directory
  105. smallbizpages.ca
  106. www.canadiandirectory.org
  107. oscorpsolutions.com
  108. www.fxdirectory.ca

You might also come across a few directories which target specific areas such as Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver.

If you're a local business only operating in one of these areas, it might make sense to add your listing to one of these sites. However, because they are so limited the domain authority is mostly very low, and the benefit isn't usually worth the time it can take to setup your listing - it's better to spend your time and effort elsewhere.

We also recommend taking a look at Whitespark's Top 30 Local Citations in Canada.

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