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Free Online Business Courses for Entrepreneurs | Bloomtools

Posted by Bloomtools Canada on 14 April 2020
Free Online Business Courses for Entrepreneurs | Bloomtools

As the world shifts beneath our feet and the business landscape drastically changes by the minute, there has never been a more unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to get familiar with small business best practices and techniques that are more relevant now than ever before.

Luckily, many businesses, professionals and institutions are providing free online courses for entrepreneurs. Covering every aspect from accounting to stress- management, these free online business classes are amazing hands-on resources available at your fingertips.

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SEO Courses and Certifications

Moz Academy

A big kudos to Moz, which has been on-the-ball in terms of reacting to the situation at hand, offering free online courses well ahead of the curve. Moz Academy, which typically offers basic SEO courses for free year-round, has now lifted the paygate and opened up their entire roster of advanced online classes to the public. As a leader in the SEO space, their classes are always up-to-date and on the cutting-edge of the fast- paced world of search engine optimization.

PPC Courses

Wordstream PPC University

Wordstream is a powerful PPC platform that has been guiding digital advertising professionals for years. Whether you are just starting to dip your feet into pay-per-click advertising or you have been doing it for years, Wordstream PPC University is a helpful resource for learning how to streamline the process and get the most out of your marketing budget.

Google Ads Certificate

Again, this is one that is always free, so there is no rush to get it completed by a certain deadline, but if you have some extra time for online learning now, this is another great place to start for those seeking guidance in PPC marketing. As the world's most popular search engine, Google is notorious for making its own rules when it comes to search engine algorithms and who comes out on top (Google BERT, for example). So what does that mean for business-owners? There's a lot of value in learning the rules from the company that made the playbook. In other words, this certification is worth the time.

Social Media Classes

Hubspot Academy Social Media Certification

A crucial element of today's business communications, every entrepreneur could use a crash course in social media. Hubspot offers comprehensive, easy-to-follow video lessons that cover the social media basics every entrepreneur needs to know. You can expect quizzes along the way and a free social media certification at the end that not only keeps you on your toes, but is also a great value-add to any resume.

Online Accounting Courses

Corporate Financial Institute: Free Accounting Fundamentals Course

Even those entrepreneurs that have an entire accounting department on staff could stand to learn the fundamentals of day-to-day business accounting. As a business owner, there's nothing more important than knowing your numbers and exactly where they came from; now's your chance to get learning!

Free Sales Training

The Art of Sales - Free from Northwestern University

Want to learn how to close more leads? Need to brush up on the art of persuasion? Coursera is offering a unique online course for entrepreneurs that requires no prior knowledge. Backed by the knowledge and credibility of Craig Wortmann, CEO of Sales Engine Inc, Venture Partner at Pritzker Group Venture Capital, and Clinical Professor at the Kellogg School of Management, this free online sales class (and certification) offers incredible value for your time.

Everything else, from coding to meditation

The emergence of online learning platforms is fairly recent and is just starting to explode. From Coursera to Skillshare to Masterclass, each platform has its own spin on online learning - not just for entrepreneurs - but for everybody. Whether you want to learn a hands-on skill like woodworking or massage therapy, or you are seeking tangible lessons in a specific area of business, these platforms offer it all. In the wake of COVID-19, many online learning platforms have been bulking up their "free resource" section, enabling entrepreneurs to dive into more online classes than ever before without taking a hit to their budget.

Interested in learning multiple skills for free? Check out the densely packed uDemy Free Resources Section and Coursera free content section. While not technically free, Masterclass currently has a BOGO offer on-the-go, which means you'll be able to learn valuable skills from cream-of-the-crop professionals in their field at half of the original price (or free, if you happen to have a generous friend).

There are thousands of free online courses for entrepreneurs, with more being added everyday. If you are interested in applying your new knowledge and need the opinion of a marketing expert, our dedicated staff is always here to help and advise you. Contact us anytime!

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