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What to include in your email marketing campaigns

Posted by Bloomtools Canada on 24 November 2022
What to include in your email marketing campaigns

A Powerful Marketing Tool Under Your Fingertips

It’s a simple yet powerful marketing vehicle that is right under your fingertips. You check it regularly and likely have a number of accounts. It’s your email! Every time you communicate with a client, lead, associate or prospect via email, you have an untapped opportunity to engage in email marketing

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing enables you to contact and connect with your target audiences in effective and meaningful ways. A powerful email marketing strategy will correspond with your overall branding strategy and effectively persuade your readers to not only open your email communication but take action. So what’s the secret to making sure that your email is marketing gold before pressing send? The Bloomtools team suggests focusing on your email marketing strategy before implementing your campaign and aligning your communications with the rest of your marketing materials. 

Email Marketing Contact List

Think of your email marketing list as your lead generation tool. By gathering and organizing your clients, potential clients and business prospects into designated email marketing contact lists, you can create segmented email marketing campaigns to routinely contact all of your audiences. Every time you execute a marketing campaign and desire to communicate a message, email marketing enables you to only create that message once, and send it out multiple times to a targeted list of the audience it best resonates with. When it comes to your email marketing contact lists, ensure that they are in the best position possible to resonate with your messages. 

Managing Your Email Marketing Contact List: Some strategies to manage your email marketing contact lists include: 

  • Routinely comparing your email marketing lists to users who have unsubscribed,

  • Automating an email marketing sign-up option on your website

  • Ensuring all of your key contacts are synched with your email lists. 

Email Marketing Messaging

Once you’ve done the initial work of putting together your ideal email marketing contact lists, the next step is to decide on your email messaging. When it comes to messaging within email marketing communications, your subject line, title text and body text are the three areas of focus. The Bloomtools team suggests focusing on subject lines that hook your reader in or include an offer and title and body copy that includes your core messaging and a call to action. 

Email Marketing Graphics

The digital age has brought us a multitude of fancy technology options. As opposed to regular mail that can include a printed image in colour or an interesting finish, email marketing communications enables you to include high-resolution images, videos and even GIFs. The imagery within your email marketing communications is an opportunity to highlight the text within your campaign, draw the reader in and even showcase your brand personality. Choose high-resolution images and bold and distinct colours that translate well to the screen. A tip is to test out your email marketing message on your computer as well as your smartphone to see how it will be viewed. 

About Bloomtools Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is a great tool for building relationships with your current clients and attracting new leads because it's instant, personalized, directly linked to your website and positions your business as the expert. 

Benefits of Bloomtools Email Marketing System:

Works with your website: your website runs on the same technology as your email campaigns and contact management, so there is a range of features that get your contacts to come back to your website more regularly.

Newsletters added to your website: Want to publish your newsletters to share on your site? Our system automatically adds your email newsletters to your website with a single click.

Contacts Update their own details: Not only can contacts sign up for your newsletters but they can update their own details on your website from a link in your email campaigns.

Bloomtools drag and drop email builder: Our email builder makes creating beautiful email campaigns easy. Simply select from a range of preset styles and drag them to where you want them in your email. Add images and articles with the click of a button and add placeholders to personalize each email.

Drag and drop editor:

  • Customize emails for each recipient
  • Add articles to your email as a snippet and
  • You can use Bloomtools email marketing system to send newsletters, welcome letters, company updates and even trigger emails.


For more information on email marketing and how the Bloomtools team can help you reach your marketing goals, contact us today!

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