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Google Introduces "Search Console Insights"

Posted by Bloomtools Canada on 14 July 2021
Google Introduces "Search Console Insights"

Did you know that Google's worldwide search market share is 86.6%? That's likely the reason they never stop innovating. And with Google Analytics becoming more and more detailed to where you can almost pinpoint the exact reason someone visits your site and is interested in your products - business owners and marketing teams have that much more control. Now with the launch of Google's new Search Console Insights, you can truly understand how your audience finds your content and which content resonates with them most.

Why Do We Need Search Console Insights?

The field of marketing has become increasingly geared towards online and virtual experiences over the past few decades. Where Search Console used to be a tool for "webmasters," Search Console Insights combines data from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics to help content creators and publishers understand how audiences discover their site's content and what content is resonating with them. Content management specialists, product marketers, digital marketers, and web designers alike all want to know what's hitting with audiences on their website, and continue replicating that type of content to continue bringing more eyes onto the site, in turn leveraging those insights to meet their goals.

What's Different About Search Console Insights?

Search Console was started to allow web designers to understand how to improve their performance on Google Search, including how to measure a website's search traffic and performance, and how to increase ranking on Google Search using specific tactics. Google Analytics is used for deep dives into activities on your website including session duration, number of visitors, bounce rate, etc. and is a way to track your Google advertising/SEO ROI. Search Console Insights marries the two existing systems and dives deeper into specific content on your website and how it is resonating with viewers. It helps answer questions like:

  1. What are your best-performing pieces of content?
  2. How are your new pieces of content performing?
  3. How do people discover your content across the web?
  4. What do people search for on Google before they visit your content?
  5. Which article refers users to your website and content?

When we talk about content marketing for small businesses where an owner or a marketing employee may wear many hats, an easy-to-understand analytical tool like this can help make business decisions without having a degree in web design. Since the vast majority of businesses are small businesses, Google is gearing its tools towards business-minded individuals instead of hiding insights behind walls of webmaster jargon.

How to Access Search Console Insights

Anyone with a verified Google Search Console property is able to use Search Console Insights. Google is highly recommending that you associate your website's Google Search Console property with your Google Analytics property for deeper and better insights into your content. As of right now, Search Console Insights only support Google Analytics UA properties, but they are working on supporting Google Analytics 4 properties so that all Google Analytics users can benefit from this new platform.

Ready to get started? Select "Search Console Insights" from the top of Google Search Console's Overview page to try it out!

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